Flexible Resources

Our founding partners work together to bring the best quality and results to every matter.  Reardon Scanlon departs from traditional law firm dynamics, and embraces a flexible, case by case approach to available resources.  We are able to handle the most document-intensive matters through the use of low-cost vendors, where we train and guide the reviewing team and project manager.  These costs are transparent to our clients, and add substantial value to each matter. Our flexible platform allows us to deliver quality results, with resources tailored to the needs of each case.

For our work that brings us to locales around the country, and outside of Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania and Massachusetts, where we are licensed, we deliver efficient results for our clients through the use of our extensive network of local counsel.  We bring our experience to bear on each matter, perform the substantive work consistent with our flexible rate structures, and we rely on local counsel to finalize pleadings and handle appropriate appearances.


Reardon Scanlon's Partners

Katherine A. Scanlon


Katherine Scanlon has a wide-range of experience in representing clients in complex litigation on a nationwide basis. Kathy’s extensive experience representing clients in the financial services, life insurance, reinsurance, and property and casualty insurance industries has provided her with a deep understanding of a range of substantive issues affecting these industries, as well as a broad knowledge of the regulatory landscapes in which they operate.

James J. Reardon


In complex legal matters in the United States, Europe, and the Middle East, Jim Reardon has brought his unflappable demeanor and strategic thinking into high profile litigation, intensive and document-heavy lawsuits, and a range of other matters. Jim has successfully handled a broad array of matters including breach of contract, business torts, securities fraud, environmental cost recovery, product liability, reinsurance, and insurance coverage, in court as well as in arbitration and mediation proceedings.