Commercial Litigation


Reardon Scanlon’s attorneys have wide-ranging experience in representing clients in all aspects of litigation in financial services, insurance, telecommunications, computer hardware and software, as well as in other industries. Our attorneys focus on the needs and business goals of our clients. We recognize that litigation may not always be the optimal choice and we counsel our clients on available options.

We review and analyze the strategic goals of our clients and counsel them as to when and how to press matters, and when to consider other alternatives, all with their business objectives in mind. We are also experienced in alternative dispute resolution, which at times can provide a quicker and more cost-effective way of resolving a dispute. When litigation cannot be avoided, we work with our clients to develop a litigation plan aimed at efficiently and cost-effectively achieving favorable results. We have handled matters of international significance, and have built a respected record of success, helping our clients in resolving business disputes, often in precedent-setting cases.

The firm’s attorneys are constantly working to make use of advanced litigation and support technology at all stages of litigation, including document-intensive discovery and trial. Our attorneys have extensive experience managing all aspects of electronic discovery in large and small cases, and regularly work with clients, IT professionals, and vendors to develop and execute electronic discovery plans tailored to the requirements of each case. With the explosion of electronic discovery, and the costs and risks associated therewith, our experience provides substantial benefits to our clients.